Psst, What's Everyone Talking About?

11th September 2015

Although we normally stay well and truly behind the scenes, while ensuring our customers are very much front and centre stage, just this once we're creating a Brouha about Brouha with the launch of our new corporate video.

View the trailer below:

“We wanted to produce a corporate video to give prospects an in depth overview of Brouha and why we're different,” explains Helen Savage, Director of Communications, “and it didn't take long to decide that even though it's a promotional video about us, we wanted to put our customers at the heart of it. We tested the water by inviting all of our customers to take part in the video and were thrilled that we didn't get one refusal. Unfortunately time and diary restrictions meant we couldn't include everyone in this first edition, but with Part 2 already in the planning stages, there will be more to follow!

“In this first edition we hear customers talking about our ability to write, organise events and find the right tailored solutions for their business. On a slightly more informal note we hear why the Brouha personality is so important, how we are similar to Ferrari and why working with us is like being married!

“We hope people new to Brouha find this video useful to give them a flavour of how we work and what we're like to work with. In the meantime, a big thank you to all of the existing customers who took time out of their busy schedules to feature in this video and of course for their kind words!”

View the full version over a cuppa below:


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