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What makes a good PR agency?

19th September 2016

As most of you that are acquainted with us know, we love working in PR! As well as loving our customers and industry, the work we do is varied, interesting and challenging. With recent changes to our team, we've been considering what makes Brouha and in turn, 'what makes a good PR practitioner' and this is what we've discovered:

Being a small, specialist agency is key to our success, and with our 10-year anniversary approaching, we are proud of who we are. With over 50 years (gasp!) collective experience in marketing and public relations we know there's so much more than just 'doing the work' - there are a host of skills that make Brouha a success.

Business acumen

#1 Business acumen

Not just for those that run the business, our team is the business – and so are our customers. Working predominantly in a B2B environment business acumen is key to the service we provide. To be able to deliver a strategic programme and offer advice to a customer, we must understand their business, and the landscape they operate in. More and more, PR and marketing is being seen as a strategic management function and as an agency that often acts as the 'Internal Comms department', we must deliver on this.

Customer service

#2 Customer service

At the core of every successful team, campaign and business is a strong relationship between the customer and the agency. Trust is key. We enjoy long term relationships with our partners and always enjoy the 'getting to know you' period with new customers. Every new campaign starts with a kick-off meeting where we use this time to really get to know our customers and define our programme to effectively meet their key business objectives.

Trust is also on-going – sometimes we're privy to the good, the bad and the ugly and customers need to know we'll deal with this information in the relevant and correct manner. They must also be able to trust we will be giving them the best advice, will manage their business account with professionalism, and be there for them when they need us.

Business development

#3 Business development

As a small agency the whole team has to be proactive when it comes to business development. It's about spotting opportunities, building relationships and supporting each other, whether it is with an existing customer or a new pitch. Often competing against other agencies it is key to quickly grasp what's the story? And to understand who you are building a relationship with and how we are going to engage them. How do you stand out from the rest?

Common sense

#4 Common sense

Common sense is essential in public relations.

PR is about building and managing relationships with the publics of an organisation or business.

Common sense is about looking at what we do from every angle, analysing risk and potential outcomes. It's about understanding, knowing and articulating.

It's about making the right impression.


#5 Creativity

Creativity in PR is essential. Customers, as well as ourselves, like to do things differently and stand out from their competitors.

Everything we do hinges on a strategic plan - advertising, articles or opinion pieces, direct mailing, newsletters, online marketing, social media, video, events and photography are all part of this mix. Depending on the audience, platform and of course budget, you can be very creative in the delivery.

We are an agency of first's – the first photo booth at the G awards, the first agency to take a table at the Glass Times Race Day, the first dedicated PR agency to join the GGF, the first agency to dedicate an entire video to our customers, the first to have promotional beermats at the FIT show, and even have a Brouha bus at the Wembley G Awards…and we have another first imminent for our 10th birthday celebrations.

Our model is small, niche even. We are privileged to work with a network of 'creatives' that specialise in what they do, and we draw on these resources to bring something extra to the delivery of our programme and overall strategy.

All of these attributes are found within our team and we believe it's what gives Brouha its personality and what makes us different. But don't just take our word for it – here's what our customers say

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